Turbo Post-Lube Kit Could Save Your Turbocharger 
Post Lube It Or Lose It
AutoEngineLube Turbo Post-Lube Kit 

AutoEngineLube Turbo Post-Lube Kit could Save Your Turbocharger

With the AutoEngineLube Turbo Post-Lube system protecting your turbocharger filtered oil is stored in the accumulator tank ready to maintain oil pressure after shutdown.

When the engine is running the engine oil is forced into the accumulator tank and compresses the trapped air inside which is used to post-lube the turbocharger when the engine is shut down.

When the key is turned off the pressurized oil in the accumulator tank maintains pressure on the turbocharger bearings until after it spins down.

Thereby completely eliminating all of the turbo bearing wear due to "coking" and dry bearing abrasion!

The pressure can be adjusted with the needle valve for the optimal post-lube bearing pressure and duration. 

The Turbo Post Lube Kit is made with Marine Grade Hardware and Fittings ideal for all Auto, Boat, Car, Truck, Motor Home, SUV, Marine Engines, Stationary Engines, Industrial Engines, Gasoline Engines, Diesel Engines and Motors.

The AutoEngineLube Turbo Post-Lube kit Includes an Aluminum Storage Tank, Solenoid Valve, Digital Solenoid Valve Controller, NeedleValve, Check Valve, Mounting Brackets, Oil Pressure Gauge, 6 feet of Hydraulic Hose, Pipe Fittings. Installation Instructions.

                                 The Storage Tank Can Be Mounted In Any Position.

The Turbo Post-Lube kit has everything necessary for a Post Lube system that will automatically maintain your engine oil pressure on the turbocharger bearings until after it has quit spinning down.

                    This turbocharger engine accessory will pay for itself many times over

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